Wherein is listed current projects by the biomechanoid…

Novels (Completed, Unpublished, Locked in Gaol)

Elemental Metal: An urban fantasy novel about Jacob Byrne, unwilling mystical cyborg and repo man, as he’s caught between different supernatural factions in Washington DC’s graveyard shift. The Fae, the wolves, the vampires and the sorcerers are on the edge of war, and the life Jake has built could come crashing down in a hot second. When the worlds of politics and automotive reposession collide, the next thing jamming DC’s streets could be bodies.

Running Black: An urban fantasy novel. Reporting on DC’s supernatural graveyard shift had its risks, but Joscelyn Lao, a metro reporter for an on-line newspaper, never thought her coverage of city council meetings and real estate sales would put her on a hit list. So she turns to the only person she knows with the skills to survive being hunted – intelligence agent, killer, and werewolf, Cyrus Vaughn.

Novels (In Progress, In Outline, In The Grinder)

Ivre: The Politics of the Bow (tentative title): A sword & sorcery style fantasy novel about two travelers, Adia Black-Blade and Tellus of the Anutai Clan, and the events which transpired upon there visit to the city of Ivre. Born of too many nights reading Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs. On track for 2013 completion.

Update: First draft is completed – but on hold for now. Still noodling and editing it, but am focusing more on short stories and another project. Parts have been posted, but it’s proving problematic…

Metaphysical Graffiti (tentative title): What do graffiti tags, abandoned homes, strange men with unusual toasters and the Tanzos Theorem of Waffle House Connectivity have in common? Alejandro and Shannon have found out. They are the key to a world hidden behind our own, where cults fight for access to a world where the memories of civilization pile up like driftwood. Unknown Armies is entirely to blame for this idea.

Update: Currently writing. Created a good chunk of the outline in 2015 and am working on the novel itself. Work here is split between the novel and short stories

The Screaming Gate (tentative title):  Six souls, a cursed space ship and a gateway into another realm. This is something I’m sketching out for the NaNoWriMo project, but it’s my attempt to bring the visuals and sensations of a Druillet illustration into novel form.

Update: This is morphing into something very different… Put on the shelf for now, but mining.

Short Stories

I’m committing myself to writing and submitting stories throughout the year. I’ll also be working on some flash fiction as well. My hope is to scratch the new creation itch this way while working on revision, planning, etc.


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