Biomechanical Profiles


Name: Andrija Popovic
Species: Homo Sapian Geekicus
Background: Born in the Washington DC area entirely too many decades ago, Andrija’s normal development warped when exposed to the televisions show Cosmos. From this incident, he would develop into the biomechanoid currently on display.

By normal business hours, he acts as an account manager for a large firm in the DC area providing legislative intelligence and grassroots software to government relations groups across the country.

In his off time, he attempts more unusual pursuits. Early on, he published short stories in a variety of college and small-press outlets. He’s had short stories published in anthologies about death, and ones about alien artifacts.

At this time, he has two novels resting in storage and a third, Ivre, on pause. You can read parts of it here.  He is also shopping around short stories and flash fiction, while continuing to work on a new novel project, and his photography.


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