Biomechanical Profiles

Name: Andrija Popovic, aka A.J. Harris
Species: Homo Sapian Geekicus
Background: This biomechanoid was born from two aliens. In this case, legal aliens. His mother hailed from Venezuela while his father came from Serbia. They met at a picnic in Washington DC and eventually produced this particular model of biomechanoid.

Seeing Cosmos as a child, his worldview was inevitably altered. That lead him into writing, photography, and weird dreams. When not still indulging in this strangeness, he works in account management and customer support for government relations & software-as-a-service companies.

His short stories have seen print in anthologies like Alien Artifacts and The Death of All Things. He continues to work on novels, short stories, and other projects.

He has also seen print as A.J. Harris – writing romantic stories for anthologies like Stranded.

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