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Now You’re Thinking with PORTALS

Three days from now, my third appearance in a ZNB anthology will be published.  PORTALS features my story, "Hard Times in the Vancouver Continuum," alongside an amazing array of authors.  The ZNB team specializes in making great theme anthologies, and I honestly wait to hear when the next round of anthologies will be announced.  Writing… Continue reading Now You’re Thinking with PORTALS


Memento Mori – Paul Darrow, Tanith Lee, and “Sarcophagus”

Actor Paul Darrow passed away this week after a brief illness, and the world is the lesser for it. You can check out any number of memorials, especially about his work on Blake’s 7, but for me, he had another honor. He is, as far as I know, one of two actors cast by my… Continue reading Memento Mori – Paul Darrow, Tanith Lee, and “Sarcophagus”