Time Is the Enemy

It’s been two weeks since I was let go from my job. In the last two weeks, I have become a house husband. In addition to reaching out to everyone who said, “Hey, get in touch with me after the holiday,” I started cooking and cleaning up. And trying to fill my days with writing projects, photography, and the small things my wife needs to get done, but is often to swamped to deal with.

I’ve also been on cute patrol, helping cheer my wife up with images of the cats. This particular image is of Adia and Tellus in their new favorite spot – the low, wide box Amazon sent our way. The cute has been needed. The last two weeks were fraught with stress. Most I can’t discuss here, but they are the kind where you look at the future and wonder: will I lose everything?

I’ve been trying to work to a schedule: Blocking out time for writing, time for job work, time for house work. It’s a technique I haven’t had to use in nearly fifteen years. But it’s necessary. The last thing one can do is drift – not focus on anything.  That leads to staying in bed all day and listening to podcasts.

And it is a temptation. Losing a job, especially like this, is a trauma. It triggers depression, even if you don’t realize it at first. It’s the slow, long depression that saps energy over time. But we take positive action to move forward – we send out resumes to folks we’ve talked to over the last two weeks. We work on novel outlines. And we take our victories where we can.

In this case, my victory came last night. I’ll quote my tweet:

If you live in the DC area, and have been a long-time Washington Capitals fan, you know the name Kolzig. And you also know why we are celebrating.

Learning to live to a new schedule, or lack of one, is tough. Change is tough. And time, well, it’s a bit of an enemy. When you have too much of it, you can drown.  So, I’ve got to learn how to swim.


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