You want GonzoSF?

My updates have been sporadic, as always. Life continues to move at a frenetic pace, especially now we are months away from the wedding. I’m still working on Metaphysical Graffiti, though at a slower pace. It’s going to need some hefty trimming, and I’m wandering off the outline a bit, but I’m hoping it’ll have some emotional resonance.

But I’m here today to write about Kameron Hurley’s forthcoming book, The Stars are Legion. Go ahead and take a look. Read the excerpt on IO9. I’ll wait…

So, remember I talked about Gonzo SF a while back? This is it. And I hope it sells, and we get more of it. I know it wouldn’t have been possible unless Ancillary Justice sold – Hurley admits as much – but I’m glad we have room for these books now. I want more, and can’t wait to see it.