“The Mirror Man” on Daily Science Fiction

For those who may not know, Daily Science Fiction has published my flash story, “The Mirror Man.”  It’s the first story of any sort I’ve had published in quite some time and I’ve gotten some good feedback from it. I hope I’ll be able to continue the trend, improving with each story and publication.

I still think my favorite reaction came from my Dad, who said, “Andrija, I’ll read your story. I won’t understand it, but I will read it.” Ah, family!

Hope others enjoy it, and understand it.



  1. Really liked your short — one of my favorites so far from Daily SF.
    A close second to this one >> http://dailysciencefiction.com/fantasy/modern-fantasy/james-van-pelt/experience-arcade
    Would like to hear what you think about it. :)

    • Thank you for the kind words, and the recommendation. I quite like this one- very dangerous little thought experiment. Had me thinking both of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and the Resident Evil full immersion experience, taken to a much darker place. Thank you for linking it. ^_^

    • Congrats on the publication! Your dad’s reaction cracks me up. I’ll admit some of the story does confuse me, but then, I’ve never been big on reading Sci-Fi for that very reason. :)

      • Thank you! Appreciate the comment and glad my Dad could bring amusement. ^_^

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