Exposing Oneself on the Internet

No, I will not be posting nude self-portraits on the site. (Though I have been told by my fiancee this image of me vacuuming the bedroom is quite attractive to some.  I’m still doubtful. “My turn-ons include men who help clean?” 0_O?)

I’ll be exposing something else: the draft work on my novel, Ivre. After spending time noting what I need to cut and shorten, I’m going to be revising the book, chapter by chapter. And I will be posting the results here, under the category “Ivre.” In the tags, I’ll try to put the part, chapter, etc.  I’m hoping to get some constructive feedback.

Now, do note all of these chapters are draft 1.5 – I expect I’ll be digging into them further based on feedback.   What I’m looking for are general items:

1. Flow – – does it make logical sense; does it track comfortably; is it paced evenly?

2. Structure – – do all the scenes fit; are they all necessary; are there any missing elements?

3. Tone – – is the wording too stuffy or too relaxed; is the dialog appropriate, is it consistent?

4. Concept – – does the mood fit; does the story have tension; is the core idea sound and plausible?

5. Characters – – are they believable; do they have enough depth; do the properly drive the plot?

6. Names – – were the off-putting; did they help/hinder the story?

7. Other – – what would make it better; is it publishable; was it worth reading; did you like it?

I hope to start soon. Keep an eye out for updates!

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