National Novel Chainsaw Month

So, November. NaNoWriMo month. Alas, it’s also the month I was hit with a really awful chest/throat cold which turned me into a virtual hermit for weeks on end. So no NaNoWriMo events for me; no writing in the company of others lest I pass along this dread disease. Instead, I’ve been revising stories and working on dissecting Ivre so I can start really revising it.  Here’s the dissection so far:



And I’m not done yet. This is convincing me, more and more, that I have to write treatments before I go into the meat of the novel. My brain still works like a film production unit. The treatment is just the bare outlines of what’s there. Writing is ‘shooting’ the film of my imagination, where the contributions of the actors and the crew can change things. But without the basic structure, I end up meandering.

I still have a lot of cutting. And I still have short stories to revise. So there will always be work in the near future.

Keep those chainsaws warm. And happy holidays.




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