Winter in Sarajevo

(Note: This is mostly mirrored from my personal journal. You can visit the original here.)

As a cap to my year-long adventure attending conferences with “World” in the title, I will be at this year’s World Fantasy Convention. Held in the lovely Hyatt Crystal City from Thursday the 6th until Sunday the 9th, this will be my first professional conference. I’m quite interested in the WWI themed presentations, given the family history.

Col. Andrija M. Popovic of the Serbian Army’s Artillery corps will be with me in spirit, even if his epaulets remain at home.

The benefit of having a conference so close to home is getting to sleep in my own bed at night, not paying for room or travel, etc. The downside is I will not be closing out the DCin17 Worldcon bid parties, but that’s likely all for the best. All in all, this will be very interesting.

Personally, I’m going to treat this as an academic conference. I’m hear to learn, discover, and converse. It’ll be a button down weekend and a hope my third experience with this Hyatt is a pleasant one. My first two experiences were an association board meeting wherein I contracted an awful flu and an anime convention, where a sandwich gave me the single worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had.

Should there be a third incident, I’ll take it as a confirmation in the malicious nature of this particular Hyatt. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend of bibliophilia.

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