She’s Gonna Dream Out Loud

The line is from an under-appreciated song by a band who’s seen better days. Waddling through rewrites, trying to get perspective on the gaggle of stories I have siting on my virtual desk, it’s important to remind myself of the stories I’d love to read:

  • I want a mecha story with a woman in the lead. Something like Zeta Gundam with Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck in the lead. Or Armored Trooper VOTOMS starring Jenett Goldstine’s Vasquez.
  • I want a massive, weird space epic which captures the feel of old Metal Hurlant artwork by Moebius & Druillet
  • I want a trope ripping D&D style fantasy… but actually, I have that now. Have you read Rat Queens?? Why not?
  • I want a story where the H.R. Giger style biomechanoid is the hero

I think we write from a lack. We feel like there’s a story out there we want to experience, but we haven’t found it yet. The frustration can bubble into a desire. But it’s an uphill fight to make the desire reality. After a bit, you feel… numb.

But you have to push on. You have to dream of the world you want to live in. Otherwise, how will it appear?

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