Clocks, Gears and Life Between the Ticks

First, for those typewriter fans out there, try this Kickstarter project – the Qwerkywriter keyboard.  I’ve backed it,and I hope it makes it through to production.

Twenty days have clicked by since my last entry. “Dreams in the Satan House” has undergone a revision and is now with an alpha reader. I hope to give it to the writer’s group at the end of the month. I’m rewriting “Splitting Headache” now. Not my favorite process, rewriting, but necessary. I needed to add a bit more layering to the story. There’s some personal motivation I didn’t realize was in there until I’d sat on the story for a bit.

Once that’s done, I’ve got another story, “Old Leaves and Blood” I need to write out and revise.

I’ve been reconsidering November. I was set to participate in NaNoWriMo, but I think the time might be better served taking Ivre apart and seeing if I’ve got something decent in there. I hope so. It would be disheartening if all that work was for naught.  And it’s already difficult fighting the parts of me growling, “Why bother? What’s the point? It’s not as if…”

But I’ll deal with those ghosts later on.

Other stories I’m slowly working over in my head are a “Johnny Dollar” style short story involving freelancers and artificial intelligence, and one involving a “Screaming Gate” character. But I’ll have to see how they percolate.


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