Shadows Drift


Story updates first, before I get into the picture.  I finished the short story “Dreams in the Satan House” and am working on revising it. This month, I’ll be cutting up that story, and an earlier one, and trying to get initial readers. I’ve also got to start planning a few things out for future projects, and deciding on the next short story I’m going start writing.

Eventually, I need to start putting energy into the actual outline for Metaphysical Graffiti. And then there’s the other project still hiding in my head.

Ah, the photo. So, I’m feeling the itch to take pictures again. Not wanting to subject my friends or my girlfriend to being a target for my photography, I’m using myself and a soccer ball to test out lighting set-ups. The latter is appropriate given the World cup season. I want to use shots like this, or rim light but heavy shadow, to capture shapes.  But it also had me thinking of a long-term experiment…


Project: Everyday Film Noir

Concept: Everyday household events (washing dishes, doing laundry, bills, etc) are shot film noir style. The idea is to contrast the dramatic lighting with the mundane situation.

Look: Black & white, low-key photography. Gobos used to cast long, menacing shadows in the background.

Sets: Washing dishes, doing laundry, paying bills, cleaning bathroom, vacuuming & dusting, fixing bed sheets and at least one set of someone hard boiling an egg.

Pray I find amusement soon.

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