Stories, Balticon, Horrors & Graciousness

Story first: I had this image of a commando-like raid into a dilapidated housing unit.  Heavy action emphasis, security bearing down. Big reveal in the end is the raid is to covertly fix heaters and air conditioning. Opposition is private security hired by building owners to keep homes in a state of disrepair so the tenants are forced out, and they can tear the place down for yuppie housing.

Horrors next: I wrote a very brief entry in my personal journal on the events in California. Very brief, but I hope it say s enough.

Balticon:  Bigger discussion down the line but I learned quite a bit, met quite a few lovely folk, had my Farscape 10th anniversary tour T-shirt recognized, and was caught making a Mr. Burns-like motion when I heard about the upcoming “Writing Excuses” anthology.

And not least – Graciousness: I want to thank all of the guests at Balticon for their graciousness, especially Brandon Sanderson, Charles E. Gannon, and J.R. Blackwell.  Special thanks to Ms. Blackwell for letting me fanboy over her photography, and delighting me to no end with a small surrealist piece best described as the submission guidelines for the Night Vale literary journal.

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