Dreams in the Satan House – Short Story Idea


I had to write this out before it completely vanished. As I was dozing on the Metro this morning, I thought back to the Satan House – an abandoned house back in the early 90’s just off of MacArthur boulevard near Glen Echo, MD. Art students took it upon themselves to decorate the place with Clive Barker-esque tags and sculptures. It became a place where kids could go to get stoned, make out, and create weird art on the walls.

The story involved two friends going to take pictures there. He: the photographer, nervous as all hell. She: the artist, nervous for a different reason.

They end up staying there later than expected and are confronted by some of the other memories held in the house. Yes, there’s a girl who was murdered there but… she’s not the typical ghost. And the way the story ends is far more melancholy than the hissing ‘dark haired girl from the well’ endings.

I think this will be my next project.


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