Cycles & Sunrises

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Ivre, draft one, is done.

In the end, the beast clocked in at 153K words and has taken up about two years of my creative energies.  I think I would have completed it much, much faster if I had taken the time to outline the book from the start. But, I will say the time I did take creating backgrounds proved very helpful later on.

Lesson learned: don’t go without a roadmap, write up some backstory, and keep yourself interested.

For April, I’m working on a writer’s vacation called Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s an experimental attempt at Metaphysical Graffiti. I bypassed one issue I had with my starting outline – the fact it felt too close to my personal live – and flipped character perspectives. This added a bit more distance, allowing me to write freely. If all goes well, I’ll have a good start and can fully work on an outline during the year.

But my main focus will be on short stories.  Between the novel and the haiku is the short story, and I’d like to return to this form. My first publications, years back, were short stories. I rather miss the form. Years of reading short tales of the strange and beautiful, I wanted to write my own.

This year should hopefully provide a few interesting opportunities for storytelling. And as much as I love the characters in Ivre, it’s nice to take a vacation.


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