Available Dark

NightOccoquan-12 I’ve heard the most dangerous kind of skier is a mid-level skier. The beginners are slow and tentative. They don’t know what they’re doing, so they’re cautious.

Experts are experts. They can rush through slopes with little effort. Bumps and turns which would panic beginners are easy to navigate for the expert.

Ah, but the mid-level skiers – they are better than the beginners. They have a bit more confidence. But they don’t have the experience level to really judge themselves. They overestimate or underestimate distances. They jump to advanced thoughts while forgetting the basics. And it gets them into trouble.

I feel this way about my photographs. I feel like I took better, more expressive pictures when I was just screwing around, barely knowing anything. Now, I know too much and it clouds me. I need to get back to experimenting. I need to try and test things out. Not overthink, just play.

This shot was me just playing, at night. I’ve got a lot of night shots where I didn’t think to hard, I just let the camera run and see what happened.

A little improv to help the dreaming along.


  1. Writing’s like this too.

    • Very true. Likely holds true for most artistic endeavors. Everything has it’s awkward middle phase.

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