Story Note and…

First, the story note:

Story idea from a dream: Under a resort in the Balkans, on the Dalmatian coast, there is a cavern of crystal. The resort owners know it. So does the secret police.

They all work for the thing which lives inside the cave. They do its bidding because it keeps business going.

As for the writing…

Since officially setting a completion goal for Ivre, I’ve only gotten 7,700 words into my total 35,000. I’m barely getting 500 words an hour written when I can sit and focus for an hour. I’m cursing whatever horrible twist of neural development gave my attention span. I can’t seem to lose myself and just write. My brain won’t stop. It wanders down alleyways too often.

And the photography – I’m dreading going through the photos I took of my friend’s wedding. I shotgunned as much as possible in the hopes of getting something decent. I look at photographers who can take a small corner of a room and, with a little light, some drapery and imagination, turn it into a statement. No statements for me.  Maybe it would help if I knew what I wanted to say…


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