Welcome to the World of the Future

I cannot escape it. The time has come to once again set mile-markers in the ground and see how I do. And there is still one big item looming on my personal goals:

Ivre – at this point, the novel is over 130,000 words and I’m still 14 or so scenes from completing it. At approximately 2500 words per scene, that’s another 35,000 words. I’m setting myself a Feb 28th completion date. If I can’t do 35,000 words by then… I may force myself to shave my beard.

This year, I have to focus on work I can complete, revise and submit. And I need to work on getting my word count boosted. Faster typing, more intensity, better scheduling and BF Skinner style conditioning to enforce it all.

Last year, I set a goal to write a short story every quarter. I’m moving that goal to this year. After completing Ivre, starting March 1, I will first draft at least one short story of 6K words every quarter. And I will take others I’ve written, go through drafts, and begin submitting them to paying markets.  I must learn to write faster, to focus and to finish what I’ve started.

But what about the novels? If this goes right, you’ll have three of the bloody things sitting about.  Well, I’m going to set a goal this year of getting three Beta readers to tear them to pieces so I can rebuild them.

And lastly, photography. I need to set myself a goal of regularly taking photos. Each other month, I’ll set up a project theme – Business portrait, neo noir shoot, etc. – write up a description for the shoot, set up lighting diagrams, and take photos.

Ambitious? Yes. But given I’ll be unkind to myself even if I set modest goals, I might as well aim big and fail big.


  1. I support you in all of those goals, and volunteer for beta reader duty. However, I veto beard shaving. It will go badly for you. I promise.

    • Thank you for the support. I shall have to find another incentive beyond the beard removal…

  2. […] year, I set down a few goals. They could be summarized this way: “Complete novel, Ivre. I have about 32,000 remaining. […]

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