Images from the Bleak House

This is not a reference to the Dickens book, but to Gulliermo Del Toro’s second home/office. A sanctuary of the strange where he’s collected his books, models, toys, posters and where he’s created an imaginative workshop for himself, and his friends.

I shared the documentary on his bleak house with my lady, as we watched the Criterion Collection edition of Cronos.  We watched this in a house, recently cleared of furniture now relegated to the dump. Old book cases which followed me through three houses met their end. A night stand which was mine since high school joined the other household waste.

In its place, I now have a future home for all of my strange things. I have a room waiting for my couches, for my TV, and for nights when I wish to have a fire going while I watch a man recite the Heiki monogatari in Kwaidan to the dead Heiki themselves. My art already hangs in various places about the house. We contemplate new frames for the Russian Inception poster and the Japanese poster for Blade Runner.

I am not participating in NaNoWriMo this time around. My move, and the new chapter I begin this month takes priority. But I have a writing place already set out. My laptop will find a home, as will the small keys of my iPad keyboard. I will get to the end of Ivre this year. I’ve already decided on a course for next year, though.  Next year will be a very interesting year, in my not so bleak house…

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