ReaderCon 24- Quotes from the Pros

I will have a bit more regarding ReaderCon in the next entry, but I wanted to share some of the quotes from the “Meet the Pros(e)” party. But first, from Scott Lynch, who gave the quote of the con when he talked about nostalgia for the days “when Heinlein bestrode the world like a colossus while Asimov held the Earth on his back!”

“Humans are amazing – such incredibly strange creatures.”

“If you’re going to have a heart attack at a science fiction convention, make sure it’s ReaderCon.”

“The mummy stirs its finger in a cup of boiling tea, and then offers it to Miss Klein to lick at until part of the fingertip is gone. It unwraps a bit more of its finger, and casually crumbles it into a dish. Miss Klein, her hair unbound, eats it.”

“Four and a half billion years, of algae and antelope, of brontosauri and bison, of woolly mammoths and glaciers, of trees and earthworms and amphibious frogs just to become a paperweight so the rich can wake up to their plastic earth.”

“The creature’s feverish eyes were the same shade as silver pennies bleached almost to pale green by tarnish; they so well caught the light that Rusk all but thought he might be able to see himself mirrored in them, if he only moved closer – and wanted to, the sudden impulse deep-set, like a bone in the throat. ”

“Particles of metal float into the darkness, flickering orange in the firelight, the ruddy stars in her constellation of hate”

“Myth is the sea on which the Fantasy story floats.”

“Death and dying haunts us.”

“‘Kakorrhaphiophobia,” he screamed, and then he blacked out as the world disintegrated around him.”

“You ever get tired of your safe world, America, you know how to find me.”

“A stolen passport will only get you so far.”

“All the world’s hopes could, under other circumstances, have been contained in those three words: limitless messianic prophecies, the fervid desire for revolution, the sweaty, desperate hungers of the flesh.”

“Now, the sharp tinge of middle age and we are caught in love’s punctured balloon.”

“Paliphar Vooz met the tempter at a routine orgy in old Commorium.”

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