Yes, Now to Focus and…

I’m at the end of a project. I’m trying to slog through my word count, bit by bit, paragraph by paragraph, so I can finally get a draft of Ivre done. I know where everything goes, I know how to end it.

Now, it’s just a matter of getting there. And not getting distracted.

And I don’t mean the usual distractions of life and such.  I mean by a new project.

I have something in mind – I added it to my projects page – which I’m developing for the November Madness. But it’s starting to seep into my head while I’m trying to focus on finishing Ivre.

So, do I indulge the distraction a bit? Leave aside some time for chasing this squirrel?

Or do I just forge on and pretend the tasty little squirrel is not there, taunting me?

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  1. I wouldn’t be able to indulge the distraction because then I’d probably leave my current distraction unfinished. I’ve never been able to do more than one book at a time.

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