You’re Joking, Right? Or Goals for 2013

Goals are important. They help one forge through the year ahead with some sense of purpose. This year, aside from surviving the miseries and privations placed upon me by the day job, I have a few other things I want to try.

Note, my photography goals are very slim. I haven’t focused as much as I should on that side of my creative half, but I’m hoping some forthcoming trips change this.

2013 goals –
– Complete first draft of 2012 novel
– Complete outline for 2013 novels
– Win NaNoWriMo
– Complete three short stories within the course of the year.
– Revise at least 2 short stories
– Submit at least one short story to fiction items

3 Month Goal (end of March):
– Complete 2012 novel outline by end of March
– Revise at least one short story from 2012
– Begin first short story.

6 Month Goal (End of June)
– Finish last 30K on Ivre by end of June (Hopefully book itself)
– Complete first short story
– Begin second short story
– Begin outline of new book

9 Month Goals (End of Sept)
– Finish Ivre novel
– Complete second short story
– Revise first short story
– Complete outline of new book
– Begin third short story

12 Month Goals
– Win NaNoWriMo (Novel from the outline)
– Complete third short story
– Revise second short story
– Submit first short story

Edit: Book PR0n – really an in joke for the folks in my writer’s group.