The Madness Ends?

Yes, I have failed. Failed completely and utterly. It’s time to put on some Radiohead and walk into traffic. I did not win at NaNoWriMo. I only generated 28K or so words in my novel. At my last count, it would have taken me until mid december to finally reach 50k.

But, does this mean I’ll be taking a butter knife to my wrists? (Remember, down the road, not across). No. The whole experience taught me a lot of things. And it gave me a great gift.

First, it taught me the value of writing time. My work follows me home, rubs its muddy boots in my couch and does its best Rick James impersonation. It makes writing time very precious. When I was thankful for two hour flights to and from Minneapolis as a way to get more writing in, I knew times was tight.

The writing group’s write-ins were a great help. Having a nice meeting room in the library where everyone could write, keep each other encouraged, and share baked goods gave me a great, on-calendar reason to write away from the distractions of home.

Second, it showed me why I needed to outline beforehand. I found scenes where I’d written at least a few lines worth of outlining vs “X finds out Y did Z” were far easier to write. I’d mapped out beforehand. And I knew where other scenes would need to go. So one of the next steps for me is to get back to my outline and map out the last sections of the book.

Finally, it brought me a lot closer to the folks at the book club and my writer’s group. In some ways, the times afterward, discussing writing and the latest books, was as precious as the writing time itself. It refills the soul and gives us more energy to write.

And the writing continues. I’ll keep going and seeing where this takes me.

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