Madness Updates

(As a quick aside, if anyone wants to suggest good typewriter based writing images, please let me know. Otherwise, might have to convince someone to pose with the typewriter.)

First day of the great madness is complete. If anyone wishes to see my stats, check my NaNoWriMo site. Aside from a few hand written items beforehand (thank you, strange week), today’s writing was the first focuses push in conjunction with my writer’s group. Despite a drafty meeting room (our usual spot was being used by election monitors), I got quite a bit written. I was forced to remind myself, over and over, to just write. This is a zeroth draft; the initial hose hitting the crowd of rioters. No accuracy is needed.

I managed to squeeze out my 5K, and I will need 1.5 k per day to keep up with completion, but I think I could have produced more if I was not so damned exhausted. One night in the city, with the Washington DC Metro Transit Authority deciding to shut down and re-route trains, and I found myself being dragged home far to late. What was to be a pleasant night of dreams involving Tesla coils and technomancers became an endless chase through orange brick Metro tunnels. Every train was cancelled and re-routed, dragging me further from home and a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow, I have the day to get in my 1.5k, and do other things such as dishes, laundry, and a movie. The evening features speed dating for SF geeks. Which will be interesting and fun and weird. I very much expect the following conversations:

“Oh, I think Phillip K. Dick is such an overrated author.  E.L. James is far better with conflicted characters.”

“I looked up Giger after seeing Alien vs Predator and it weirded me out. I didn’t expect it to be so scary and sexual.”

“Babylon what? Wasn’t The Prisoner that thing on AMC? Anyway, my favorite show was Star Trek: Voyager. I loved how well thought out it was.”

Hope for the best, expect the worst.