Small Doses

A quick and simple note, for a quick and simple subject. It’s been entirely too long since I added an entry here. This will be brief, quickly sketched while I inundate myself with strange films and spy stories.

For the last few weeks, I’ve added some word count to my Ivre novel, working my way to an interesting scene. It’s a milestone moment, so I’m hoping the first pass will do it justice. And I’ve also explored a new program called Scrivener. Still learning it, but I think Metaphysical Graffiti will benefit from the way it helps you structure novel length projects.

But of late, I’ve also looked back at writing short stories again. Thanks to the last two sessions of my writing group, I finished a story I’ve called Embrace the Mutation. It’s tied to the earlier entries about the dream I had when I was still in pain from the gall bladder. I have sent out a draft to the writer’s group, see if anyone is interested.

With the recent investment in a keyboard for my iPad, I have found myself writing the beginnings of short stories there. Many grew from the 20 minute writing exercises in the group meetings. I have two or three I think will make it to completion but who knows. Here are some titles:

“Splitting Head Aches” – posthuman party blues.

“Intergalactic Gentrification” – Being the vampire councilor for DC’s Ward 8 means dealing with complaints about weird robots moving into the home of a neighborhood icon.

“Exile in Fairyland” – Going to an Edge town, where our world and the fae world meet, is supposed to be for the young. What happens if someone in their 40’s, looking for a new start on life, goes? Will they be welcomed?

And then there are a few other stray thoughts. I’m collecting them and adding them in. They go into one of my many notebooks, both real and virtual, where novel ideas or photography ideas all mingle together. I have a shelf for my physical notebooks. Thick, and thin, fancy and simple. Where do they go from here?

With luck, the seeds planted there grow into stories.

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