Adapt to the Mutation

I awoke this morning, late. My normal Saturday cycle was broken by a very late movie. I slept through two alarms and woke up to the sound of “Car Talk” on the radio. My normal writing window was gone. So, it will be an afternoon session. And who knows what tomorrow may become. I still have cleaning and shopping to do. Maybe I’ll be able to get a morning writing session in before all of that.

This image, taken from a small forthcoming film, reminds me more and more of a dream I had while suffering from the worst of my gall stones. I imagined I had an alien creature, growing inside me. It would kill me when it finally emerged, because I was only human. And, of course, I did not want to die. So I somehow, as only dream logic could do it, became more like the mutation within me. I adapted to it, instead of fighting it. I became more like the creature I carried, until I wasn’t quite human anymore.

The process changed the creature within me as well. It was a bit more human when I finally opened the womb in my chest and emerged. We knew each other. It was my son, and I was his father, and we were hunted because we did not stick to the normal plan. But we were family, and I was happy I had someone new in my life who understood me on a primal level, even though a short time ago he was trying to kill me.

There’s a short story in this somewhere.