Hunting for Muses

Yesterday, I took a brief trip to Fredericksburg, VA and explored a few used book stores there.

One store was the The Griffin a coffee bar/book store. As with many small bookstores in small towns, it’s only open a few hours in the day. In future, if I want to absorb the atmosphere I need to head down right after my normal Panera work session. This is the bulletin board/door to the restroom. Yes, that is an “I Believe in Sherlock” poster. I found them decorating the town. In this store, I picked up a copy of The Classic Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, which contained the original Strand drawings, and Mechanique: A Tale of Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentine. I found both in the small room where the fiction, classics, mystery, poetry and sf/fantasy works were sitting in black, lacquered shelves. It reminded me of visiting a personal library, but having a chance to shop and take parts home with me.

This store is a labor of love. I hope it remains. I’d like to visit it again soon, when the weather is warmer, and I can take advantage of the vine-covered outdoor patio tucked away behind the main street facade. Afterwards, as the store closed, I visited the Hyperion Espresso shop. With two slices of pumpkin bread, and a massive mug of red-eye espresso, I made notes and wrote sections about Metaphysical Graffiti. The story is set in Fredericksburg, a mix of a university town, a small historical town, exurb of the DC area, and what is lovingly called Frednecks’burg.

I asked a few of the folks who lived there for suggestions on places mid-level IT managers in the local university would live. Alas, I did so over the internet, so immediately had people asking “Are you selling your house? Did you get a new job?” It took me a bit to explain no, I was just researching, and I did not quit my job. I was just hunting muses.

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